Technology in class

As homework for tomorrow we are going to write a blogpost about how we use technology at school and how we work.

Computers are an important part of everyday life, especially in school. Three of the classes at Sandvika High school, including mine, are participating in an experiment. All our schoolwork is done digitally through e-books online and OneNote. In most cases, this is actually great.

It is a lot easier traveling to school, as a lightweight computer is a lot easier to carry. There is no need for any kinds of books. I find it very convenient to have everything on one place. We use programs like Word, OneNote and PowerPoint to take notes and to do our homework.

We use technology in all classes. For example, in Spanish class we use something called “Duolingo” and “Quizlet”, different websites with exercises to learn Spanish grammar, new words and phrases, to mention something. Under you can see a picture from my Spanish class, and you can see that everyone has a computer.


I think that technology is helping me learn, but defiantly in a different way. The use of technology gives us lots of opportunities and we are lucky that we get the chance to try out this method of learning. Still, I think the use of technology unfortunately takes a lot of the attention from us students, and we can easily get distracted for instant by Facebook and other social medias. It can defenetly make us loose focus. Another thing I think is negative about this experiment, is that we doesen`t take notes by hand. It is scientifically proven that when you write with your hand, you learn more. So, I guess there are good and bad sides to technology in class.

Hopefully things will get better in time, and that we take advantage of this chance. We have to remember that it is a big step, to go from almost never using computers in school, to now use it every single day – all day. Step by step we will get more used to it, and we will learn more. I am looking forward to it.  I will stay positive an open-minded, and see how it goes. Overall, I am satisfied with the use of technology in the classroom, and I think it is more appealing especially for us young ones.

I am impressed how far technology has come. Our generation has alot of appourtunities, that preveous generations did not have. We are just click away from all the answers to almost any question in the world.

Under you can see pictures of my school.


Use this link to watch a video about Sandvika High School:



5 thoughts on “Technology in class

  1. Hey there! I read your blog about using only technology in class and I have a thought about it.

    Technology definitely makes our life easier and I agree that there are positive and negatives to using only computers during class. I need to write down everything in class in order to learn and study, do you find it easy to learn and study without writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper? Does writing down your notes on computer inable you to learn for tests the same? I also use technology and school and home, but I would miss writing in a book if everything was done on the computer.

    This is just what I feel. Love the blog by the way!

    I’m from South Africa 🙂


    1. Hello! I do find it quite frustrating to not be able to write down my thoughts on a piece of paper. But I have gotten used to only using our computers, so its easier now.
      Thank you so mush for reading my blog.

      I am from Norway! Would you like to add me on snapchat, so we can get to know each other! My snap is: ingridgrydeland. 🙂


  2. Hey Ingrid, my name’s Dylan, and i go to Dainfern college, i like the way you and your school use technology!
    My school also uses technology, but not as much as you guys as we do still use books. but i do find that in the subjects we use technology for, well, those classes are way more fun. i agree with your statement that we are just a click away from almost all the answers. because in this day and age, we most definately are!!


  3. Hi Ingrid! It’s Skyler from Alaska. I think you’re right when you say that it is difficult taking notes on a computer. My school is very flexible and we are allowed to take notes on which ever medium we choose. I personally like to take notes by hand, instead of typing them, so I always carry one big notebook with me just for notes. I have OneNote on my computer as well, and because I have a surface pro, I can actually hand write my notes straight into my computer! Maybe you could do something similar, or is your computer not capable of that function?


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