How do I learn?

In this blogpost I will reflect on my learning. How I can improve my English,  how I can avoid grammar mistakes and how I work on my vocabulary. I will also mention what I think is a good way to work on pronunciation. Mainly I will tell you how I prefer to work in English class.

English is a subject that I like a lot, and i mostly enjoy the english classes at Sandvika High School. But I do think our english classes could be more variated. By this I mean that we could have more lessens were we learn grammar, and also more classes focusing more on pronunciation.

I belive that i can improve my English by reading english books, studying grammar and by talking english with fellow students or teachers. To avoid grammar mistakes i can to grammar tasks, and our teacher could teach us. To work on my vocabulary i think the best way is to read english books and watch english movies and tv-series. By adding english subtitles to the movie,  I will both read english and here the pronunciation. This way I will improve my pronunciation.

To sum up; I really like english classes with Ann. To make them even better she could add in more grammar.

Thank you for taking time to read my post.




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