9/11, a day we will never forget

The morning of Tuesday, September 11 2001, the United States were shocked by a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda.

(FILE PHOTO) Authorities Release 9-11 Emergency Tapes
NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 11, 2001  (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

A total of four airlines were hijacked by 19 suicide missionaries from al-Qaeda. Two of the planes took off from Boston, one from Newark and one from Dulles in Virginia.

Two of the planes hit their respective towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York. The two skyscrapers collapsed after around an hour. Most people who were in the floors below were the aircraft hit the building had managed to get to safety. More than 400 fire and police officers that was at the scene helping, were killed.


A person falls from the north tower of New York’s World Trade Center as another clings to the outside. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

The third plane was handed down in US Department of Defense building, Pentagon, and the fourth crashed in Pennsylvania. It didn’t crash were it was supposed to, the White House or Congress. A public commission of inquiry concluded that the hijackers crashed the fourth plane to avoid attacking There were passengers that took over control, to avoid hitting the White House.

According to the National Memorial Center on September 11, lost 2,753 people lost their lives in New York, 184 in the Pentagon and 40 in the plane crash in Pennsylvania. All aboard the aircraft, including the 19 terrorists were killed. The dead came from 93 countries. In total the attacks killed almost 3000 people and injured over 6000.

Five Years Later, New York Remembers 9/11 Attacks
The “Tribute in Light” memorial. (Photo by Sylwia Kapuscinski/Getty Images)

We watched the movie 9/11 in class today. 9/11 is a 2002 French-American documentary film about the attacks. The film is from the point of view of the New York Fire Department, and it was directed by Jules and Gedeon Naudet, and FDNY firefighter James Hanlon. The filmmakers were originally filming Tony Benetatos, with the intention of making a film about the “probie`s” first experience as a firefighter. Tonyes first experience turned out to be the biggest challenge, both mentally and physically, of his life.

May we never forget this day.





Thank you for reading my post.











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