Media influence

In this blogpost I am going to look at how the media portrays the two candidates, Donald Trump (the republican) and Hillary Clinton (the democrat). How does the media influence the outcome of the election?

Clinton, Trump pick up big wins







Networks, CNN vs. FOX News

I am going to start of by comparing two networks, and see if they represent the democrats, the republicans or if they are neutral. And we will find out how this influence the election. I am comparing Fox News and CNN.








Fox News has around 2,43 million viewers every night. The channel started in October 1996, and is known for being amiable towards Republicans despite their slogan “fair and balanced”. Profiled program managers: Bill O`Reilly, Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity.

CNN has around 1,22 million viewers every night. CNN is the first big news channel in USA, startet 36 years ago. The channel is considered to be relatively neutral. Profiled program managers: Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper.

When I compare the two networks it is easy to see that the republican channel FOX is far more easy on Trump compared to other channels. Example: “Gingrich: Trump can win if he focuses on `big ideas´”. On the other hand we have the relatively neutral channel CNN. The channel says negative and positive things about both Clinton And Trump. Example: “Trump delivers remarks on Clinton at charity dinner”, and “Clinton jabs at Trump`s campaign manager.” The channel makes sure to not choose a side, they are rather neutral.


Newspapers/social medias, vs. Politico was created in 2007 as a conservative website. 9.1 million interactions on Facebook and Twitter a month, Breitbart creates larger commitment than any other political site in the campaign. The site’s writers are strongly positive to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and negative to Hillary Clinton.

Politico was also created in 2007 by two journalists from The Washington Post. Politico has been accused for being both on the republican and democratic side, but in this years campaign, there is no doubt that Politico has been strongly critical of Donald Trump.

When i click in on, the first thing I see is a commercial from “The official Breitbart Store”.








As you can see, you can buy mugs that says “Caffeinated – Bold, Distinct” with a picture of Trump. And on the other one “Decaf – Weak, Bitter” with a picture of Hillary. This shows very clear that the site is strongly positive to Trump. On the other hand there is the site Politico, that shows clearly that they are against Trump and his politic. Take a look at the picture below. As you can see, almost all f the articles on The Morning Report are about Trump, and his negative behavior.














As you all can see, the media does portray the two candidates differently  depending on if they represent the democrats, the republicans or if they are neutral.


I hope you learned something from this post. Thank you for reading it,



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