Study Abroad

One of the competency goals for todays lesson is t locate, elaborate on and discuss international educational options and employment option.

In class today we wrote a CV. You can read it here: cv. Then we were told to look up places to study abroad. We had to pick one volunteer program and one school program in two continents and to write down and explain your choices on your blog. Here are my choices.


Volunteer program

I have chosen to volunteer in South Africa with International Volunteer HQ. It is the world’s most affordable and trusted volunteer organization. IVHQ has a wide range of volunteer abroad projects available in South Africa, including Teaching, Childcare, Surf Outreach, Sports Development and Computer Training. I want to work with children, and the project i chose is “Childcare”. On the Childcare project in South Africas top priority is to provide care and education for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. This sounds to me as an interesting and giving project to be a part of. If I were to be apart of this pork´sect i would be placed in day care centers attended by children from poor backgrounds and broken homes. Some of the children have lost their parents to crime, alcohol or drug abuse, and HIV/ AIDS, forcing them to live with their relatives or neighbors, who often do not have the means to take proper care of them. This project is very important, and i would truly love to be apart of something that could make children life better.





School program

Boston City Campus and Business College – Get on course to be BOSS.

Boston City Campus and Business College claims to give the right start to a successful career. They are guaranteed to give the guidance you need to obtain your qualification. A Boston qualification will give the recognition you want and place you ahead of the pack. This school sounds very interesting to me. I am interested in working with business, and Boston City Campus and Business Collage seems like a solid school that can get me “ahead of the pack”.







Thank you so much for reading my post,

One thought on “Study Abroad

  1. Good luck with your volunteer work that sounds very interesting to me. Working with children from poor backgrounds is a good way to get work experience and the same time help out. Perhaps you could explain a little better the courses they offer and Boston City Campus and why you think that would be a better choice than studying in Norway.


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