Gerrymandering vs. the British system

Gerrymandering refers to the practice of redefining state and district borders to “pack and crack” districts in favour to the political party drawing the lines. It is supposed to be re-drawn to keep the districts equally populated, re-drawing when there is a in- or decrease in population they can do this to gain voters and power. The people who get to govern where the new lines are drawn are the people who are in the power in the specific state. They can draw the lines in favour of their party. Every 10 years the districts are redrawn, supposedly to make the districts equally populated, or when there is an increase or a decrease in population. Gerrymandering political group changes voting districts to create an unfair advantage for themselves, or an unfair disadvantage for their political opponents, in other words manipulate the districts in the favour of  a political party.

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In the UK however, gerrymandering is not used. In the British system each constituency elects one MP by the first past the post system of election. The UK public elects Members of Parliament (MPs) to represent their interests and concerns in the House of Commons. The MP is voted into the parliament by a first-past-the-post-system, meaning that the candidate with the most vote in one of the 650 voting districts (constituencies) in the UK.

The two major parties in the UK today are the Labour Party and the Conservative Party. The leader for the Labour Party is Jeremy Corbyn, whilst the leader of the Conservative Party, and the prime minister, is Theresa May. Theresa May called for a general election. She thought she would get more seats in the parliament, and therefore make the process of Brexit much easier. The result ended badly as the Conservatives lost many seats, and now has to reign with the DUP from Northern Ireland. The Conservatives even had a majority of the seats alone, but still Theresa May thought it would be easier with more Conservative MPs, but the Labour Party, ran a very strong campaign and won many seats from the Conservatives.







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