to be continued..Lions for Lambs

Robert Redford`s character, a doc, in the movie “Lions for Lambs” has an interesting talk with his student Todd, about the students future. He says:

“The decisions you make now, can’t be changed, it will take years and years of hard work to redo it. No lifeguard is watching you anymore, you are on your own. The decisions you make are yours alone, from here an til the end.”

What role does us students play in shaping our own future? And how does this relate to our own choices?

Us third grade-students have a lot of choices to make this year: should we enlist us to the Norwegian Army, go to collage right away or have a gap year? The choices we


Lions for Lambs is a 2007 American drama film about the connection between a platoon of United States soldiers in Afghanistan, a U.S. senator, a reporter, and a California college professor. Senator Jasper Irving launches a new military strategy and details it to a liberal TV journalist Janine Roth, the two soldiers are involved in an military operation in Afghanistan to preforme the strategy that is to use small units to seize strategic positions in the mountains before Taliban can occupy them. And the soldiers college professor is trying to re-engage the promising student, Todd, by telling him their story. The professor ask Todd to get involved, and not to just sit around wasting his

Explain how they are connected and what the soldiers are doing in Afghanistan? Read this article; Newsweek. Read chapter 5 and 6 in the study guide.


  1. The professor asks Todd to get involved.  What can he do?
  2. Is there a connection between social conditions, the welfare state and the USA’s involvement in wars?


  1. What do you think is the current opinion of the American people regarding US engagement in wars? List your sources.
  2. Write a post on your blog where you answer all these questions and discuss the US involvement in Afghanistan.




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