Rising crime in the UK

  • Compare conditions in the US and the UK using New York and London as examples

London is now more crime ridden and dangerous than New York City. The numbers of rape, robbery and violent offense are rising. The latest statistics revealed that crime across the UK was up by 13 per cent, with a surge in violence in the capital blamed for much of the increase.

Both London and New York have populations of around 8 million, but you are almost six times more likely to be burgled in London than in New York. Criminal justice experts blame the rising crime on the way the city was policed: reduction in neighborhood patrols across London. “That is exactly the opposite of the model that has proved so effective in New York City over the past 20 years“. -Rory Geoghegan, head of criminal justice at the Centre for Social Justice in the UK.

New York introduced a zero tolerance approach to low level crime and flooded problem areas with patrols, under the leadership of Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and police commissioner, Bill Bratton, the NYPD.  The force also put a huge amount of emphasis on community policing. That was important in order to build bridges between the police and members of the public.







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