The Troubles

The conflict in Northern Ireland during the late 20th century is known as The Troubles. Over 3600 people were murdered and thousands injured. At the heart of the conflict lay the constitutional status of Northern Ireland. The conflict has its roots in “the irish question”. “The irish question” was used to describe Irish nationalism and […]

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Quality education

Our group consisting of me, Thomas, Mo and Sara have chosen to focus on the fourth Global goal – quality education. We are so lucky that we live in a country that does not just guarantee more than 10 years of education, but also quality education. The goal: To ensure inclusive and equitable quality education […]

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to be continued..Lions for Lambs

Robert Redford`s character, a doc, in the movie “Lions for Lambs” has an interesting talk with his student Todd, about the students future. He says: “The decisions you make now, can’t be changed, it will take years and years of hard work to redo it. No lifeguard is watching you anymore, you are on your […]

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From Brexit to Flexit

This blogpost is a translation of an article from the Norwegian newspaper in “Aftenposten” about how the EU is deciding Theresa Mays conservative party. Brexit splits Theresa May’s conservative party, and it can only get worse, no matter what the solution is. The divorce between the EU and Britain has been complicated since the beginning, […]

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